Everyone deserves a successful future.

Everyone deserves a successful future.

Our goal to help youth overcome various obstacles in order to reach their full potential. We focus on developing: leadership and communication skills, social and emotional wellness, academic support and career exploration through training, workshops, mentorships and one on one interaction(s).

Our mission.

It is our mission to increase the student persistence rate from high school to college and from college to a successful career, for youth in urban and underprivileged areas, through exposure and opportunities to a wide range of career fields.

We help students imagine the possibilities.

HAPE exposes urban and underprivileged youth to a variety of career choices to motivate them to look beyond their current circumstances and see the limitless possibilities before them.

  • Career fairs that showcase opportunities being offered by various businesses and corporations. These opportunities are focused on high school and first year college students and include: scholarships, internships, mentoring, shadowing opportunities and more.
  • Scholarship and internship opportunities on our website.
  • Special events and presentations with successful business professionals at local high schools, colleges and universities.